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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

MAK Fitness

Gym Beanies

Gym Beanies - Shop Now, Pay Later!


More information about Gym Beanies

Winter can be tough, and winter work-outs in the park, in the early hours, or in those cold warehouse-style gyms pretty grueling. Here to help you rug up and stay warm, whilst staying functional, comfortable and ready-to-train is our gym beanies!

While comfort and warmth come first, with beanies that are bound to make a difference, fit and fashion certainly don't come far behind with this range. Our gym beanie range is moisture-wicking, firm fitting and bound to make you look like the weapon that you are. Featuring Australia's best activewear brands, such as Muscle Nation, Ryderwear and Obsessed Gymwear, you are making no compromise with MAK Fitness' Gym Beanie Range.

Notable Gym Beanies:


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