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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

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Boxing MMA Supplements

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Endurance is probably one of the most important abilities a Boxing or MMA fighter wants to have. After all, endurance determines their ability to last round after round in the ring. It ensures that a fighter never tires out, even after 15 minutes of intense effort, constantly striking and grappling with his opponents.

Endurance, or the ability to repeat an action over and over, requires two different kinds of conditioning: aerobic and anaerobic.

1. Aerobic Conditioning

Aerobic conditioning, or cardiovascular exercise, is used to increase one’s rate of oxygen intake. The higher one’s oxygen intake is, the more physical exercise he can do without running out of breath. It is performed at a low to moderate pace for a longer period of time, focusing on keeping one’s heart rate slower and stronger. For a Boxing or MMA fighter, having good cardio means that he has more energy in the ring, giving him a greater chance of winning.

2. Anaerobic (Muscle) Conditioning

Anaerobic conditioning, or muscle conditioning, helps train one’s muscles to work, even when he has reached his limits/lactic acid threshold. It works one’s fast twitch muscle, which is needed for those repetitive short bursts of energy in Boxing or MMA. When a Boxing or MMA fighter is in the ring, they need the strength to move around, generate power for his punches, knees, and elbows and maintain the power all throughout the fight.


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