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Fat Burner Bundles

Twin Pack: OxyShred by EHPlabs | MAK Fitness 11% OFF!

Twin Pack: OxyShred

$129.99 $179.98

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OxyShred & RP Max by EHPlabs | MAK Fitness 27% OFF!

OxyShred & RP Max

$129.99 $179.99

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OxyShred & PSI by EHPlabs | MAK Fitness 27% OFF!

OxyShred & PSI

$129.99 $179.99

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OxyShred & Fade Out by EHPlabs | MAK Fitness 24% OFF!

OxyShred & Fade Out

$134.99 $179.98

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More information about Fat Burner Bundles

Browse all of the fat burning supplements that we offer all in one place. Fat Burners, or more commonly known as weight loss products are a important component to a successful weight management program. The vast majority of Fat Burners are not meal replacements, but recommend in combination with a healthy & suitable diet along with regular exercise.