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Xtend BCAAs + FREE 2.2L Flask

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More information about Horleys

Horleys Commitment

To make the best possible products

All Horleys products are based on credible scientific research and established sports nutrition practices worldwide.  We remain up to date with emerging trends and strive to adapt and optimise the performance of our products.

We manufacture to the best global standards to maintain stringent quality and consistency.  Our ingredients are the highest quality, locally sourced in New Zealand wherever possible.

To make the most dependable products

All Horleys products are easy to understand, what is on the label is precisely what is in the product.  Everything we make is tested in independent laboratories to ensure we don’t mislead any of our customers.

We remain staunchly committed to natural bodybuilding and drug free competition. We will never knowingly use a banned substance in a formulation. 

To make truly innovative products

We understand that every customer’s physical needs and lifestyle are unique, so Horleys’ products cater for diverse usage occasions, goals and budgets.

We actively partner with our customers to understand how they use our products, and continually innovate to help make it easier to reach their goals.