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Outbreak Nutrition

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Outbreak Nutrition creates supplements designed to help you thrive in a post-apocalyptic world. While others make supplements for sport – we make supplements for survival.
Members of the Outbreak resistance enjoy exclusive access to a range of supplies that provide everything from world-ending pumps to advanced recovery, from stronger bodies to sharper minds, from being turned into dinner to staying alive.

Produced in a state of the art GMP facility, our advanced formulas use only the most high-quality ingredients and our labels are fully transparent so you know what the hell you’re getting into.


The year is 2044 and the world has changed. In the early part of the 21st-century, a mysterious and deadly virus swept across the globe. Distrust, fear, and panic followed in its wake.

We don’t know who fired first.

It doesn’t matter.

The heavens were traced by nuclear missile paths heading to targets all over the world. The world was set alight and a New World was created.

Those of us left fight for resources, power, and the hope for a better life under the banner of the Outbreak Resistance.

We forage and hunt in the skeletons of once great cities. We battle the evil, diseased Dawn Army.

We find survivors and provide them with the supplements and tools to survive the harsh environment and the blood-thirsty mutants.

Our products are designed to help you run faster, fight harder and recover more effectively.