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Gold Standard 100% Whey - MAK Fitness 25% OFF!
Optimum Nutrition

Gold Standard 100% Whey

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Power Plant Protein

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Optimum Nutrition

Twin Pack: Serious Mass

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Clear Vegan

3-Pack Blessed Protein (3x1lbs)

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International Protein

Amino Charged WPI

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3-Pack Blessed Protein (3x2lbs) 17% OFF!
Clear Vegan

3-Pack Blessed Protein (3x2lbs)

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Twin Pack: Gold Standard 100% Whey - MAK Fitness 24% OFF!
Optimum Nutrition

Twin Pack: Gold Standard 100% Whey

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IsoPept Zero - MAK Fitness 13% OFF!

IsoPept Zero

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Phyto Fire 15% OFF!

Phyto Fire

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Serious Mass - MAK Fitness 30% OFF!
Optimum Nutrition

Serious Mass

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Clear Vegan

Blessed Protein + OxyShred Bundle

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Synergy 5 - MAK Fitness 15% OFF!
International Protein

Synergy 5

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International Protein


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Syntha 6 Edge

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Natural Mass 15% OFF!

Natural Mass

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Extreme Mass - MAK Fitness 26% OFF!
International Protein

Extreme Mass

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Quest Protein Bars - MAK Fitness
Quest Nutrition

Quest Protein Bars


Super Greens 16% OFF!

Super Greens

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More information about Protein

Protein Protein can be most easily explained as the fundamental building blocks to increase your skeletal muscle mass. Although protein comes in many forms, in relation to sports nutrition protein supplements play a key role in building muscle cell, increasing the time of recovery and giving your body essential amino acids to grow and function. 

Protein types:

Whey protein - Fast digesting protein designed to rapidly help the body grow and recover post workout
Protein blends - Generally a mix of different protein types, with the goal of giving the body different proteins at different break-down times to optimise recovery.
Casein protein - Slow digesting protein, generally used to keep your body digesting protein whilst you sleep/ have prolonged breaks in protein availability.

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