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Green Tea by X50

Energise – Revitalise

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OxyWhey by EHPlabs | MAK Fitness 25% OFF!


$84.00 $63.99

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IsoPept Zero by EHPlabs | MAK Fitness 21% OFF!

IsoPept Zero

$84.00 $67.80

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Burn Protein by Maxine's | MAK Fitness 23% OFF!

Burn Protein

$38.94 $28.99

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R1 Protein WPI by Rule One | MAK Fitness 21% OFF!

R1 Protein WPI

$104.26 $79.99

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Anabolic Night by MAX's | MAK Fitness 23% OFF!

Anabolic Night

$71.44 $53.99

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Lust Bars

Lust Bars


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MRE by RedCon1 | MAK Fitness 23% OFF!


$129.99 $99.99

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Syntha 6 by BSN | MAK Fitness 11% OFF!

Syntha 6

$62.99 $49.99

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Shred System by MAX's | MAK Fitness 23% OFF!

Shred System

$84.99 $63.99

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Clean Bar by BSc | MAK Fitness

Clean Bar


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Night by Maxine's | MAK Fitness 29% OFF!


$42.84 $32.99

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Isotope by RedCon1 | MAK Fitness 17% OFF!


$91.96 $69.99

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HydroxyBurn Lean 5 by BSc | MAK Fitness 24% OFF!

HydroxyBurn Lean 5

$77.94 $58.90

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Casein by Optimum Nutrition | MAK Fitness


$79.20 $54.99

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Kanga Milk by Staunch | MAK Fitness 25% OFF!

Kanga Milk

$99.99 $74.95

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Clean Mass by MAX's | MAK Fitness 13% OFF!

Clean Mass

$103.94 $89.99

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Absolute Mass by MAX's | MAK Fitness 12% OFF!

Absolute Mass

$90.94 $79.99

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Clean Vegan Protein by BSc | MAK Fitness 13% OFF!

Clean Vegan Protein

$80.44 $69.95

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Whey Ultra 16% OFF!

Whey Ultra

$77.96 $64.95

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Whey Isolate by Staunch | MAK Fitness 25% OFF!

Whey Isolate

$99.99 $74.50

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MRE Lite by RedCon1 | MAK Fitness 18% OFF!

MRE Lite

$109.99 $89.99

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Syntha-6 Edge 20% OFF!

Syntha-6 Edge

$62.99 $49.99

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Ready To Drink by MAX's | MAK Fitness

Ready To Drink


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Green Beret by RedCon1 | MAK Fitness 71% OFF!

Green Beret

$169.40 $49.00

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Maximum Shred Bundle Freebie

Maximum Shred Bundle

$282.94 $198.99

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IsoPept + PSI Bundle by EHPlabs | MAK Fitness 22% OFF!

IsoPept + PSI Bundle

$146.98 $114.99

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PSI & OxyWhey by EHPlabs | MAK Fitness

PSI & OxyWhey

$146.98 $139.99

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Legendary Mass Bundle by Mixed | MAK Fitness 12% OFF!

Legendary Mass Bundle

$148.22 $129.99

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MAX's Beginner Bundle by MAX's | MAK Fitness 19% OFF!

MAX's Beginner Bundle

$130.88 $104.99

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More information about Protein

Protein can be most easily explained as the fundamental building blocks to increase your skeletal muscle mass. Although protein comes in many forms, in relation to sports nutrition protein supplements play a key role in building muscle cell, increasing the time of recovery and giving your body essential amino acids to grow and function. 

Protein types:

Whey protein - Fast digesting protein designed to rapidly help the body grow and recover post workout
Protein blends - Generally a mix of different protein types, with the goal of giving the body different proteins at different break-down times to optimise recovery.
Casein protein - Slow digesting protein, generally used to keep your body digesting protein whilst you sleep/ have prolonged breaks in protein availability.

Notable Protein Products:

Fun Facts About Protein

Our body is made up of more protein than you think

Everyone knows that our bodies are made up of over 50% water, but did you know that protein makes up 17% of our bodies? All the protein in our bodies has a function and none of it is stored. Meanwhile, fat and carbs do get stored in the form of adipose tissue and glycogen respectively.

High protein keeps you fuller for longer

Eating protein can help you to keep hunger at bay because it takes longer to get digested by our bodies. You can use this to your advantage by having a high protein breakfast that will help keep you from reaching for those office cakes and biscuits.

Brain function, focus & learning

To help maintain concentration and energy levels, your brain needs a steady supply of amino acids. Amino acids in protein can help to do this. Ensure you are having a high protein lunch to get your over those afternoon humps.

High protein diet will aid fat loss

Protein is normally associated with body builders, gyms and huge muscles. However, protein can also help those who are trying to lose body fat. By having a high protein diet will help with your appetite as mentioned above, and also aid in retaining muscle whilst you try to lose weight. The more muscle that can be retained while trying to lose weight, the more calories your body will burn, getting to your goal quicker!

High protein diet helps build muscle

Paired with the right training and diet, protein is the building block that helps muscles grow. If you are intending on building muscle then try to add in some extra protein at every meal.

Protein is energy

Protein is a macronutrient, just like fat and carbs, which is used in your body for energy. Each gram of protein contains 4 calories that your body uses for fuel during the day. Carbs also have 4 calories per gram, while fats have 9 calories per gram.