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Fitter teams win more games – it’s as simple as that. Of course, we know that most clubs will not have a fitness trainer or a well-equipped gym.

But there is a lot you can do yourself. Whether you are a player or a coach we have lots of exercises designed specifically to improve your training and get you rugby fit.

How many times have you seen a close game decided in the last 10 minutes because one team is fit and the other is running out of energy?

1. Strength Training 

Strength should be a huge priority for a rugby player. Strength is not only needed to dominate the physical collisions in the game but also as the foundation for all other physical fitness qualities that are important for rugby. Strength development is important for improving speed, power and fitness for rugby.

Research has even shown that rugby players who have a stronger squat perform more high intensity work in a game. Not only that, despite doing more in the game they also recover faster between games. If you want to get fitter for rugby, you need to get stronger.

2. Plyometric Training 

Plyometric training is mainly considered as a speed and power training modality. But it also has a profound effect on fitness and injury prevention. Improving your plyometric ability makes you more energy efficient ie. It takes less energy for each foot strike you make. If you think about how many foot strikes you make in a game you can potentially save a huge amount of energy by improving your plyometric ability.

3. Body Composition

Improving your body composition is an easy way to increase not only fitness but also speed. It’s simple really, if you decrease fat mass, the weight that offers no functional or contractile benefit, you will improve fitness scores and be able to cover the ground quicker. If you don’t believe us try running round the pitch for a while with a 10kg weight vest on!

Improving these three factors will help massively to get you fitter for rugby and should be a priority in your rugby strength and conditioning program. Once you’ve got these covered however you need to really consider your rugby fitness training.


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