A MAK Honest Review of Carnitine

Supplement Type: Pharmaceutical Compounds


Carnitine, in our minds, is an absolute super power. Not only is Carnitine one of the world’s most powerful and effective natural fat burners, but it is also a pharmaceutical compound supplement renowned for it’s benefits in enhancing performance, improving mental function, and buffering both physical and mental fatigue. The benefits are abundant, and we believe that no matter what the goal of the athlete, Carnitine is one supplement so universal that realistically everyone can benefit from taking some.

Brought to you by the the hottest and most credible brand of supplements in Australia at the moment - Halo - this Carnitine is one you can trust. Unlike many others, you can rest assured that Halo’s Carnitine contains absolutely no fillers, no GMO ingredients, no flavours or artificial ingredients, and no cheap makes of product. Carnitine by Halo is a premium standard supplement, made with care for your body, care for quality and care for a sustainable sourced production in mind. The ingredients list is one name long: that is, Acetyl L-Carnitine. Nothing else. Just plain and pure benefits legends!


Key Features

  • Stimulates increased fat burn
  • Helps to target stubborn fat stores via fatty acid mobilisation
  • Reduces mental fatigue and increases alertness
  • Helps to boost endurance and buffer muscular fatigue
  • Non-Stimulant
  • Stack Safe!
  • Perfect compliment for fat burners to amplify weight loss and fat burn effects
  • 100% natural
  • GMO-free
  • Highest Grade Pharmaceutical Quality


Carnitine Ingredients

Carnitine by Halo contains 1 ingredient only:

  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical-Grade Acetyl L-Carnitine

That means no fillers, no added ingredients, nothing artificial. It also ensures that Carnitine by Halo is gluten-free, dairy-free, Keto-Friendly and Vegan-Friendly!


Quick Answers to Common Questions


Aside from transporting free fatty acids, what else does Carnitine by Halo do?

Carnitine is well known for producing energy, improving brain performance, decreasing stress and depression, and slowing the effects of ageing related diseases including dementia.


What should I feel when I take Carnitine by Halo?

Carnitine is pharmaceutical grade and contains no additional stimulants. You will not feel any major high stim effects, however, Carnitine will work alongside your natural biological processes to utilize fat cells to increase energy (ATP) production and will lead to increased sweating during training. This indicates that your metabolism is speeding up and you’re burning more calories during your training. For many, this provides a feeling of elevated energy and mood, naturally!


What does Carnitine by Halo taste like?

Carnitine has a slightly tart/sour taste, but it is subtle enough that when stacked, it will go completely undetected. We recommend stacking Carnitine with either your daily fat burner or your daily BCAA drink during training - but it doesn’t really matter how you take it - so long as you are consistent with consumption, and actually enjoy the process!


How to Consume


We recommend a serving size of 1-2 scoops of Carnitine by Halo (1-2g), taken 1-2 times daily. The dosage used can depend on your goals and presence of this product already within other supplements taken (e.g. Pre -Workout). Ideal timing for use may be 1 scoops before breakfast, and an additional 1 scoops added to a pre-workout drink. We advise not to exceed 5 scoops daily.


To mix and consume your Carnitine by Halo, we would advise mixing one serving with at least 200mL of water, and consuming immediately (the product can at times otherwise settle). The taste of Carnitine is naturally a little acidic, so we would recommend stacking this one with an alternate supplement that has flavour. Below we have listed a few suggestions of how best to stack Carnitine to achieve your goal.


Suggested Stacks

For Weight Loss / Fat Loss

Combine Carnitine by Halo with:

  • Heat (Fat Burner) by Halo - to boost thermogenic fat burn and ignite metabolism throughout day
  • Whey (Thermogenic Protein) by Halo - to stimulate greater muscle density, minimise hunger, and support a healthier diet
  • Dream (Sleep Formula) - to enhance sleep quality over night and preserve muscle and recovery during a deficit, whilst also ensuring all-night fat burn


For Sports Performance

Combine Carnitine by Halo with:

  • Focus (Recovery BCAA) by Halo - to enhance endurance throughout training, and accelerate muscular growth and recovery.
  • Whey (Thermogenic Protein) by Halo - to stimulate greater muscle density for increased strength and power, whilst enhancing muscular recovery


For Mental Performance and Clarity

Combine Carnitine by Halo with:

  • Focus (Recovery BCAA) by Halo - to enhance mental endurance throughout training or work, promote hydration and natural energy levels, and accelerate muscular growth and recovery.
  • Heat (Fat Burner) by Halo - to provide all-day, crash-free energy


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