A MAK Honest Review of CLA

Supplement Type: CLA

Looking for a proven and natural form of weight loss support? Maxine's CLA is our answer!

Here at MAK we are all for trying to keep in line with your body’s natural systems and mechanisms as much as you can! We are also all about helping people to build a healthier and leaner body that you can rock with confidence and feel proud and beautiful in! And CLA from Maxine’s is one of the best supplements we have tried to help us do so.

Maxine's CLA is a natural substance found in your body with proven fat burn benefits (and some pretty powerful health benefits too!) - that will help you burn through your fat stores, boost your metabolism, and feel your body supercharged with clean, natural energy. Best of all, Maxine's CLA is completely natural!

Key Features

  • All-natural fat burner that promotes your body's natural fat burning mechanisms
  • Increases fat burning, boosted metabolism and enhanced energy
  • Highly proven for it's effectiveness as a fat burner
  • Provides a number of positive health benefits
  • Highest quality and convenience form of CLA

CLA Ingredients

Just CLA! Pure and simple!

Maxine's CLA has been formulated and created using only CLA of the highest purity and quality, and to contain a ratio most proven as effective. Within each and every capsule you get a whole 1000mg of CLA exclusively - no added fillers or ingredients, and no added sugar whatsoever. Maxine's CLA has been certified with a Pharma-Grade Nutrition stamp on their CLA product to give you the utmost assurance and guarantee that this product is the best for you and your body to help you achieve your fat loss goals!

CLA, also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is a healthy fatty acid (the polyunsaturated, omega-6 fatty acid type, to be specific). CLA’s are naturally found within foods, and provides a source of high quality energy and calories, and a number of powerful health and performance benefits. However, CLA is definitely under-consumed by most people. Therefore, the importance of supplementation through Maxine's CLA comes in!


One serving of Maxine's CLA is 1 capsule. We recommend taking Maxine's CLA 1-3 times daily. Initially, assess your tolerance with a single capsule serving size once per day. Then, to really ramp up your metabolism and fat burn, increase dosage to 2 or 3 servings spaced throughout the day. We recommend you always take Maxine's CLA with main meals - to avoid feelings of an unsettled stomach. Ideally, this would be along the lines of breakfast time, lunchtime and pre-workout or mid-afternoon alongside a snack.


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