There are many questions surrounding Creatine. “How do I take it?” “When do I take it?”

Well here at MAK Crew, we have put together an easy to follow guide to help athletes get the most out of Creatine Five by Staunch!

Creatine Five enhance the users’ result from their dedicated workout routine and dietary plans. Creatine Five is not a solution to getting the users’ ideal body if they do not put in the hard work themselves!

Highly Recommended

  1. Serving size: 1 scoop (6 g)
  2. Mix one scoop with water

Extra Tips

  • Creatine Five can be stacked with other supplements! Simply use the unflavoured option and enjoy the all the benefits!
  • FOR “LOADING” PHASE: Take 10-15 g a day for the first five days, take the regular one scoop a day after that, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Consistency is key!

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