Having a hard time counting or reaching your macronutrient? Looking to get the most out of International Protein’s Extreme Carbs in order to better balance your macro diet but unsure how to?

Worry not! MAK Crew have got you!

We have put together this easy to follow guide to ensure that you get the macronutrients you need in your dietary plan.

Extreme Carbs is a supplement designed to provide the necessary nutrients needed for users’ dietary plan and workout routine, enhancing the result of their hard work and dedication. DO NOT rely on Extreme Carbs to get the nutrients you need, the more real food you have, the better result you will get!

Highly Recommended

  1. For recovery:
    • Serving Size: 1-1.5g per kg bodyweight (For example: at 70kg you would take 70-75g)
    • Mix 1 serving with 200-400 ml of water
    • Consume immediately after training
    • For optimum recovery, combine Extreme Carbs with International Protein’s Amino Charge WPI at a rate of 0.6-0.7 g per kg bodyweight (For example: at 70kg you would take 42-49g)
  • 2. For general use:
    • Recommended serving size: 0.5-0.75g per kg bodyweight (For example: at 70kg you would take 35-52.5g)
    • For the best consistency, use 50-100 ml of water for every 20g of Extreme Carbs

Extra Tips

  • Every body is different! Adjust your serving size accordingly.

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