Some of the common questions we at MAK Crew receive by athletes of all levels are “How do I take XT Burn Energise?”, “When should I take XT Burn Energise?”

As a result, we have created this easy to follow guide to help users get the most out of XT Burn Energise.

XT Burn Energise is a supplement designed to enhance users’ results from their dedicated workout routine and dietary plan. XT Burn Energise is not a solution to getting an ideal healthy body if the users’ diets consist of take aways 4 days a week and do not have a dedicated workout routine!

Highly Recommended

  1. Serving Size: 1 scoop (5 g)
  2. Mix one scoop with 200 ml of cold water
  3. Consume 20-30 minutes prior to work out
  4. Alternatively, consume during the day to give you an energy boost and enhance fat burning

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