A MAK Honest Review of Limitless

Supplement Type: Pre-Workout

Limitless is a pre-workout for those wanting more than the “pump and dump” pre-workouts of the past. Created by the out of the box minds at ATP Science, this new pre-workout takes the concepts of smooth, jitter-free energy and then goes into a galaxy far, far away. This new formulation harnesses the power of ingredients like Yerba Mate, Cinnamon, and Pomegranate in this unique blend of Modbiotic™ compounds into a formula with no equal. So if you’re tired of using caffeine flavoured cordial, then stop limiting yourself and your results and try ATP Science Limitless.

Key Features

Plant-based formulation - ATP Science leads the way with plant-based strategies to work synergistically in a blend. Plants can inhibit or support processes on the body that may be involved in your sporting performance. Naturally supporting gut health and microbiome and also providing the natural cofactors that work with an active ingredient to support its actions naturally.

Clean energy released in stages to prevent crashes – Limitless combines natural forms of caffeine from their original plant sources, along with the cofactors and polyphenols that help create that natural clean energy feel. The combination of Yerba Mate, green coffee (standard release and delayed release blend) and green tea will supply a staggered release of caffeine to prevent jitters and crash from an unnatural caffeine spike.

Natural Caffeine sources = one shot of espresso (86.75mg) plus there is a further 20mg of synephrine from Bitter orange, a stimulating compound in citrus and 100mg of theophylline, one of the feel-good chemicals found in chocolate that works well with caffeine to get the sporting support we need without the need for mega-dosing caffeine.

Contains naturally occurring polyphenols – Plant polyphenols are lacking from our modern diet with highly processed, preserved and modified foods. Plant polyphenols are very important to manage our gut health and microbiome and are a major point of research for how plant-based diets can be so good for supporting our performance naturally.

Limitless Ingredients

Yerba Mate




Seville Orange


Green Coffee

Green Tea







Du Zhong

Available Flavours

Limitless is available in 3 incredible flavours!

  • Berry
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry Kiwi

Suggested Use

We recommend a serving size of 1 scoop of Limitless Pre Workout for clean energy. However, depending on your individual tolerance, you may alternatively like to use 2 scoops to boost effect.

To mix, combine your Limitless serving with 125-250mL of cold water, shake, and consume around 20-30minutes before commencing exercise.

Alternatively, you may use Limitless at any time in the day when you need your energy the most - as a replacement for caffeine, as a concentration booster, or even before a big exam. Just be sure not to consume more than one serving of Limitless per day.


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