A MAK-Honest Review of Mental Trigger

Supplement type: Health

Unlock your mental focus, attentiveness and creativity with RedCon1 focus formula. The vast majority of supplements on the market addresses the physical needs but this product is the answer to our mental needs.

Mental Trigger includes cutting edge chemical compounds that help people from all walks of life in gaining the competitive edge over those who have been going without.

Whether cramming for an exam, preparing for a job interview or reaching next to impossible deadlines.

Mental Trigger will have you ready and take you where you need to be when it counts most.

      Key Features

      • Enhanced focus
      • Improved brain cognition
      • Enhanced memory
      • Increase in mental energy
      • Great for studying or for focusing during your workout at the gym!

        Suggested Use

        Take Mental Trigger as needed. Seperate your dosage of Mental Trigger 3-4 hours from other stimulants.

        Cut off taking Mental Trigger at least 6 hours prior to bed.

        Do not mix prescription medications with Mental Trigger.

        Quick Answers to Common Questions

        How does Mental Trigger work?

        Mental Trigger is a combination of focus and stimulant ingredients. These ingredients are able to pass the blood-brain barrier effectively stimulating the central nervous system.

        Is Mental Trigger only for people who work out?

        No, Mental Trigger help users to better focus on the task at hand whether it be studying, working out or anyone in need of heightened mental focus.


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