A MAK-Honest Review of Opti-Men

Supplement type: Health

Opti-Men is a comprehensive Nutrient Optimization System providing 75+ active ingredients in 4 blends specifically designed to support the nutrient needs of active men.

Each serving includes free form amino acids, antioxidant vitamins, essential minerals and botanical extracts in foundational amounts that can be built upon through consumption of a healthy balanced diet. Think of Opti-Men® as nutritional insurance for your fit lifestyle. 

    Key Features

    • Amino-Blend 8 key free-form acids (including Arginine, Glutamine and BCAAs), the building blocks of muscle protein.
    • Viri-Blend 8 exotic botanicals and marine concentrates.
    • Phyto-Blend Over 20 fruit and vegetable concentrates.
    • Enzy-Blend 4 specific enzymes.
      • 350+ Milligrams B-Complex Vitamins
      • Four performance-specific blends
      • Comprehensive Nutrient Optimization System
      • Free-Form Amino Acids
      • Botanical Extracts
      • Fruit and Vegetable Phytocomplex
      • 25 vitamins & minerals

        Suggested Use

        Take as per labelled direction after meals or for foundational support.


        Quick Answers to Common Questions

        What is Opti-Men by Optimum Nutrition used for?
        Our body’s fundamental building blocks are vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. These nutrients are responsible for our performance, energy level and vitality. Opti-Men by Optimum Nutrition is designed to provide you these much needed nutrients and help you with building a healthy body.


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