A MAK-Honest Review of Syntha-6 Edge

Supplement type: Protein

If you loved Syntha-6 then you’ll love Syntha-6 Edge! Syntha-6 Edge has all that Syntha-6 provides and more!

Designed to give your muscles the protein it craves to help with recovery without the excess carbs and fat. This lean, mean protein packed shake will fool you into thinking that you’re drinking a delicious milkshake on your cheat day!

Try Syntha-6 Edge today!

Give your recovery the performance edge and fuel your muscles while rewarding yourself with Syntha-6 Edge.

      Key Features

      • Improve muscle mass
      • Increase recovery time
      • Enhanced protein synthesis
      • Six types of premium protein
      • Meal replacement use
      • Assists in muscle recovery
      • Great quality premium protein

        Available Flavours

        • Chocolate
        • Vanilla

        Suggested Use

        Serving size: 1 scoop (38 g)

        Quick Answers to Common Questions

        What's the difference between Syntha-6 and Syntha-6 Edge?
        In comparison to Syntha-6, Syntha-6 Edge less carbohydrates, fats and calories but more protein.


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