A MAK-Honest Review of XT Burn Energise

Supplement type: Fat Burners

Maxine's has produced XT Burn Energise as a great option for a womens pre workout/ fat burning option for maximum performance from their training or sport, and to develop a lean toned body.

XT Burn Energise can be used Pre Workout or taken throughout the day for a Fat Burning Energy Hit.

XT Burn Energise comes in two great flavours, Tropical Fruits & Strawberry Kiwi and best of all it has 0g of Fat and Carb per serve!

    Available Flavours

    • Tropical Fruits
    • Strawberry Kiwi

      Suggested Use

      For best results take 1 scoop in 200mL of cold water 20-30 minutes prior to working out or during the day to give you an energy boost and enhance fat burning with its thermogenic matrix.

      Quick Answers to Common Questions

      Is XT Burn Energise to take? Ie. Are there any illegal/frowned upon/unsafe ingredients?

      XT Burn Energise is 100% safe.

      Is XT Burn Energise a meal replacement supplement?

      No, XT Burn Energise is a fat burner to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet.

      In short, what're the common uses for XT Burn Energise ?

      XT Burn Energise is a great fat burner and energy replenisher for women.


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