BCAA Resurgence by Blackstone Labs

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BCAA Resurgence is Blackstone Labs unique amino acid, loaded with 2:1:1 ratio amino blend. Not only is the amino ratio in this product phenemonal, it also has a RDI (recommended daily intake) of all your daily vitamins and added nootropics. What you can expect with this product:

  • Highest quality amino acid ratio
  • Improves muscle repair
  • Improves energy

Improve focus, energy and muscle repair with every scoop, a double serve of this product holds 4 grams of L-leucine allowing you to take this product not only through your workout, but a great replacement supplement for pre and post workout.

Take a look at the two delicious flavours available in BCAA Resurgence:

Pina Colada - A delicious coconut mix that stands out like no other amino acid on the market.

Fruit Punch - A solid fruit mix softer then you would expect, definitely not as sweet as most fruit punch products.

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