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Chicken Shiitake (5 or 10 Pack) - MAK Fitness
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Chicken Shiitake (5 or 10 Pack) by Bodymeals

$59.99 $49.95
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Chicken Shiitake (5 or 10 Pack) Description

Value Packs

  • $9.99 each in a 5 pack or
  • Only $8.49 in a 10 pack


  • DO NOT require refrigeration or freezing
  • Keep them in your pantry, gym bag, locker or desk
  • Safe to eat, hot or cold!

BodyMeals are packed with big hits of high quality protein! Our Chicken & Shiitake provides you with a good serving of healthy veggies and rice, contributing to a good source of carbs, minerals and vitamins.

As chicken is naturally low in fat, olive oil is the main contributor of fat to this meal, providing countless unrivalled health benefits.

This meal is the only one in our range that includes egg, another undisputed nutrient rich food! With 384 quality calories, low in sodium, a highly quality source of complete protein, and a healthy portion of carbs and fats along with numerous minerals and vitamins. You can be assured this is a healthy meal.


Half a large chicken breast fillet accompanied with rice, carrot, onion, egg, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, chicken stock, salt, pepper.


WTF - How does it work?!

BodyMeals are shelf-stable, non-perishable meals that do NOT require refrigeration or freezing. You can keep BodyMeals in your pantry, gym bag, locker or desk.

How is this possible? RETORT TECHNOLOGY.

Retort Is the highly innovative science and cooking method which eliminates bacteria and microorganisms so food will stay fresh at room temperature as long as it’s kept in a hermetically sealed environment. Those include a retort pouch, can, or our personal favourite and the one we’ve selected for our BodyMeals, the EVOH retort tray.

To give you a better understanding of why BodyMeals can be stored outside of your fridge, we have put together a quick video explaining the Retort process.


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