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Pre & Intra Workout

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The wildest pre-workout in the history of pre trainers is exclusive to MAK Fitness, not only did Blackstone Labs come up with one of the craziest ingredient panels we have ever seen, they literally put dosages of all the best ingredients at un-seen levels. 

We all remember a time when pre-workout actually did something, take a minute and think of the last pre-workout you took and genuinely felt like you could power through even the toughest of workouts? 

Dust extreme re-stores our faith in pre stim-based products. Here is what dust extreme does with every dose:

  • Highest focus level you will ever get
  • Highest dosage of 1-3DMAA ever used
  • Best flavour panel we have ever seen

If your not sure about pre-workouts and how your body responds to high-stim look the other way, this product is literally the strongest pre-workout in the world. Two flavours both equally as desired:

Sour Gummy Bear - A delicious authentic gummy bear taste, often compared to fairy floss, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pineapple Mango - A tangier softer flavour that sits well for those who prefer a lighter taste.

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