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The MAK Journey

About Us

MAK Fitness is built on 3 core beliefs: Innovate + Guarantee results + Make the journey enjoyable. From these 3 beliefs, we have created Australia’s fastest growing fitness experience.

Australia 2012
Our coaches set out to create an outdoor fitness program that featured the most dynamic and effective training style ever. Not only did they seek the best workouts, they wanted to find a new way to vary sessions, introduce nutrition and make the program accessible to the masses.

Employing highly-capable, charismatic instructors to lead the workouts, motivated clients began attending sessions by the masses. A new fitness culture was born.

After carefully structuring a powerful training program, results shortly followed and word started to circulate about the dynamic program that guaranteed maximum results.

Shortly following the outdoor success, indoor locations began to pop up across the state, supplement and nutrition hubs were born.

Beyond 2018
Our facilities are quickly re-shaping the fitness landscape, with live DJ’s, Australia’s most electrifying class styles and industry leading trainers we pride ourselves on killer sessions and unparalleled client results.

With an extensive range of supplements, fitness equipment, and training apparel we are constantly exploring new ways to help you become your best self!

Timeline of MAK Fitness