A MAK Honest Review of All Natural Plant Aminos

Supplement Type: BCAAs

Plant-Aminos are a favourite of ours. Not only do we love the fresh and natural tropical flavour of these guys, but the versatility and performance benefits are indisputable too!

All Natural Plant Aminos keeps it simple by creating a super potent blend of plant based essential and non-essential aminos and vitamins which will aid with repair, recovery, exercise performance, digestive health and more. All Natural Plant Aminos also comes in a natural tropical mango flavour that's sweetened with stevia and tastes amazing without any chemical aftertaste. 

As an advocate for everything natural, gut friendly and scientifically backed, Macro Mike created what we’d like to call the absolute pièce de résistance in the amino world, all derived from plants, so vegans rejoice.

Key Features

  • Optimises muscular recovery time for a faster and better recovery for even the hardest of training sessions
  • Light and sweet tropical flavour that we love to drink
  • Helps to boost satiety throughout the day
  • Supports optimised health and digestive function
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan-friendly!
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No fillers or artificial ingredients

All Natural Plant Aminos Ingredients


Taurine is a powerful non-essential amino acids which may act as a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the body. When exercising intensely we actively break down muscle cells and tissues, this l-taurine may assist the repair and recovery process. L-taurine may also eliminate harmful oxidants and toxins, helping to increase the production and activity of other antioxidants found in the body. L-taurine is a must when implementing a strenuous workout regime.

Pumps & Performance

Packed with watermelon derived l-citruline and AAKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate). Both may be effective in reducing fatigue and improving endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. When partnered they work to increase nitric oxide levels and blood flow to muscles during exercise and to help deliver the ingredients needed by the body to make proteins for optimal repair and recovery.

Amino Acids

We’ve included optimal doses of the 3 juggernaut BCAA’s along with all of the EAA’s and some great non-essential aminos to help optimise performance, energy production, tissue growth and repair. As advocates for gut health we’ve also included glutamine which works in unison with tryptophan, methionine and the 3 BCAA’s to maintain a thriving gut and healthy immune system. Tryptophan may also boost serotonin which is responsible for sleep, mood, and behaviour.

Natural Caffeine Blend

Don’t think natural stimulants can work as well? We challenge you to give this a try (and do some research).

Caffeine levels in these powerful natural stimulants are not to be scoffed at. They all derive from plants which produce naturally occurring caffeine and due to their natural form they also carry other beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

Available Flavours

All Natural Plant Aminos is available in just the one incredible flavour! This is the Tropical Mango - a sweet, refreshing, rejuvenating drink to get you going for your training or powering through every beautiful day!


Mix 10g of All Natural Plant Aminos (approx 2 scoops) into 250-250mls of chilled water. On training days consume either before, during or after your workout to maximise your potential to recover and perform! On non-training days, consume anytime. Take 1-2 servings per day.


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