A MAK-Honest Review of Gold Standard 100% Plant

Supplement type: Protein

Optimum Nutrition has created Gold Standard 100% Plant  for the active adults the cares about where nutrients come from and how good their protein tastes.

Offering a vegan friendly option to the market for those that choose to live a more organic lifestyle.

Gold Standard 100% Plant still offers all the same great features as Optimum Nutrition other products with 24 grams of organic plant protein per serving, 4 grams of naturally occurring BCAAS, 4 Grams of naturally occurring Glutamine and 100% of your daily value for vitamin C.

Available Flavours

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

Suggested Use

Mix one scoop of 100% Plant with 8-10oz of cold water or almond milk in a shaker or blender. 

Quick Answers to Common Questions

Is Gold Standard 100% Plant to take? Ie. Are there any illegal/frowned upon/unsafe ingredients?

Gold Standard 100% Plant is 100% safe and vegan friendly.

Is Gold Standard 100% Plant a meal replacement supplement?

Yes! Gold Standard 100% Plant can be used as a meal replacement in conjunction with a healthy diet.

In short, what're the common uses for Gold Standard 100% Plant?

Gold Standard 100% Plant is a great plant based protein option for those that choose to live a more organic lifestyle.



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