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Animal Cuts is definitely a level up in the fat burning game - a potent formulated product designed to get you the intended results fast and efficiently. Each conveniently dosed 'pack' of Animal Cuts delivers nearly 8,500 milligrams of pure, active shredding power. With a proper diet, exercise, and Animal Cuts, your cutting goal will be reached faster than ever before. Whether for a competition on stage, or simply for the competition with yourself—the most important of all, Animal Cuts has got your back.

But if you’re a little confused on just when to use Animal Cuts, or how to take Animal Cuts, don’t stress! MAK Crew have put together a simple guide on how to use Animal Cuts to keep you covered.

Serving Size:

One serving of Animal Cuts is 1 ‘pack’. 

You can consume up to 2 packs of Animal Cuts per day.

Recommended Intake:

For optimal results and effectiveness, we recommend following a 'cycling' routine of use. For 3 weeks, use one serving (one pack) twice per day. The first pack should be taken on waking and the second pack 4-6 hours later. Following this, run one week with no use. Repeat this cycle in 4 weeks blocks as above.

Additional Tips:

Animal Cuts is not a meal replacement. While Animal Cuts capsules are a great addition to your body to increase fat burn and build a healthier body, they are NOT designed to be taken in place of a meal.

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