How do I use Prototype 8? When should I use Prototype 8?

Put these questions to rest, follow this guide and get the most out of Prototype 8.

Prototype 8 is a serum, designed to induce powerful vasodilation and pump when applied, resulting in a better muscle growth with users’ existing hardcore workout routine. Prototype 8 is not a solution to obtaining an ideal healthy body, it is merely an effective tool that enhance the experience and result of the users’ hard work and dedication.

Highly Recommended

  1. Massage into muscle group before, during and/or after workout
  2. ATP Science recommends the following: after you warm up the target muscle group apply the Prototype 8 to finish off the session with a full on pump, sweat and muscle burn. It works within seconds and will saturate the muscle bundle for a further 30 minutes. Repeat the process for the next muscle group. Make sure you re-apply after your workout before you consume your post-workout meal or shake

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