A MAK-Honest Review of Modern BCAA+

Supplement type: Amino Acids (BCAAs)

USPlabs Modern BCAA+ delivers electrolytes, additional amino acids L-Alanine, Taurine, Glycine, L-Lysine HCl - and Sustamine™: patented l-Alanyl-l-Glutamine.

A great add into your water to be consumed during you workout with a huge 450 grams of amino acids per bottle!

The value of Modern BCAA+ is off the charts.

    Modern BCAA+ has come out with over ten amazing flavours!

    • Fruit Punch
    • Blue Raspberry
    • Cherry Limeade
    • Grape Bubblegum
    • Green Apple
    • Honeydew Melon
    • Mango Orange
    • Peach Tea
    • Pineapple Strawberry
    • Pink Lemonade
    • Unflavoured
    • Watermelon
    • Berry Burst

    Quick Answers to Common Questions

    Is Modern BCAA+ safe to take? Ie. Are there any illegal/frowned upon/unsafe ingredients?

    Yes. Modern BCAA+ is completely safe and legal to use in Australia

    Is Modern BCAA+ a meal replacement supplement?

    Modern BCAA+ or any BCAA should not be used to replace meals in your diet.

    In short, what're the common uses for Modern BCAA+?

    Modern BCAA+  are great to add into water while consuming during your workout to assist with hydration and replacement of electrolytes.


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