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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

MAK Fitness


Our Customer Reviews Speak For Themselves

Based on 3511 reviews

Serious Mass

Lust Bars

Doesn't work

100% doesn't work for sleep. Was up literally the whole night. Very dissapointed

Oxyshred Ultra

Great product, awesome container service. Package arrived in only a couple of day even over Xmas period !

MAK Towel
Maximum shred bundle with incorrect xtend

Hi Mak team,
Hope all is well.
Just a quick feedback and unfortunately this time was not up to the level from my previous orders with you guys.
Despite the fact that my order was delayed to arrive in Syd (I do understand it was a busy period of the year) I have received the smaller version of the Xtend (30 serving) instead of the 90 service and this is very disappointing. If you check the 'Maximum shred bundle' picture it shows the 90 serving one.
Joe Ortiz

C4 Ripped

Had to start with half a scoop, as it made me quite tingly. Now I find it to be great while working out and to sustain an alertness most of the day.
Thank you

Lust Bars

Requested a change of protein for ghost but still received blessed.


The taste is amazing no words can describe can’t wait to try other new flavours

great service and amazing Taste

Love the flavor of cosmic blast and the energy it gives to get going to the gym

To die for

Best protein bar brand I have come across. Some flavours are good and some are to die for. Bummer they’re quite pricey or I’d have them more often. Great exchange for chocolate if you’re a bit of a chocoholic and are trying to find an alternative!


Have previously tried oxyshred and used amino energy and this product does not seem to deliver the caffeine hit as forceful as the others. Taste good and in comparison with the oxyshred, I actually felt like this one worked better as a fat burner, I saw results. Will be buying again once in stock!

Good stuff

I have now tried two flavours from the optimum nutrition brand, those flavours being the cookies and cream and banana cream. They taste great on their own in water or milk but with water definitely tastes better. The cookies and cream flavour is best to have on its own, I put it in a fruit smoothie and gave it a funny taste. Awesome brand and great flavours

In love!

I am currently halfway through my second tub and I can tell ya, these are great! I’ve had the blue raspberry and green apple and both taste amazing. They provide a good energy boost, which I mainly use as an afternoon pick me up or when I’ve run out of my pre workout. I don’t know what your body is suppose to feel like when you take bcaa’s and I don’t really care, I love it that much.

Okay for a starter

I have now tried three flavours of the oxyshred, being the passion fruit, kiwi strawberry and guava paradise. Starting a new tub feels great and the taste is great; however, half way through the taste becomes very sickening to the point of the taste starting to resemble vomit. When starting out the energy boost is good but drops off after a while and becomes pointless.


Taste really good impressed can’t wait to try the others that are on the market

MAK Shaker - Pink

Tastes great

I love peanut butter, this drink has more chocolate taste than peanut butter. It also includes crunchy rice puff in it! So good

Great service

I got my package today! A day before Christmas which I was very pleased with. The items came packaged well and the price is just incredible for what you get! Definitely will buy from again :)

Different taste

Happy with customer service - the product, however, tastes different from the original formulation. Little bit disappointed with the new flavour.

Mixed up labelling

I've been super happy with the Oxyshred for pre work out. Only thing with this order is that I think there was a mix up with the labelling on the kiwi-strawberry. I've had that flavour once before and loved it, this one tastes more like an apple. Passionfruit tastes great.

Crew tee

Very unsatisfactory! What’s the point of sending out random sized tees?
It’s useless to me, it doesn’t fit!


good if you're OK with heart palpitations.

Poor service and delay

Received my order yesterday, 3 weeks after ordering and paying for express shipping! Nothing wrong with my order however will not be ordering from mak again. To charge $13 for express shipping and whilst I understand COVID, xmas and Black Friday sales it took 8 days before it was actually sent from mak and not good enough for an express order! Emailed the service team who acknowledged my frustration with the offer of a free shipping code, which I never received but don’t want anyways. Poor customer service experience.


Great taste, good burn


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