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Green Tea by X50

Energise – Revitalise

$9.99 Flat Rate Shipping | Same-day Dispatch (order by 3PM)

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Excellent product


Twin Pack: RP Max

Cheap and fast delivery!

I've been using Oxyshred to have a sharp mind after fasting at night and MAK helped a lot with their twin-pack and fast delivery!

Total War

Great product

Have been using offered for a year now. The new combination with oxysleep has really improved my sleep routine too.

Oxy shred

Excellent product

A long ride

I’ve had the unfortunate experience where my order was mixed up and was sent someone else’s order. The team at Mak Fitness, were nothing but helpful to help fix the situation. I was promised some free samples and free express postage upgrade for the mix up, and received about $8 worth of items for it. The only downside was, I had placed my order for my boyfriends birthday, and had already paid for express postage, and due to the mixup I had to wait an extra 10ish days to get my actual order. While I am happy with my purchase, I just wish it had gone a little smoother, or was offered a little more for the inconvenience :) (This situation won’t be preventing me from shopping here again though, the prices are amazing)

Rp max

Great product, ordered and had my supps within 3 days. Highly recommend this company!

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Twin Pack: HydroxyBurn Shred



Excellent Product

great tasting and a quality product


This bag is perfect for all your gym essentials. Even good for an overnight bag. It goes will all your gym outfits, its stylish and lightweight.

Beyond BCAA

Cheap and FAST delivery!

Definitely wasn't expecting to receive my order the next day. fast, great quality, great prices

Perfect pick me up

Love that I get a pick me up with out feeing over stimulated. No crash either is why I love it

Perfect for Morning workouts

I drink this every morning for 6am gym classes. It gives me the energy I need to get through the work out to the best of my ability. I also feel it burns more fat during the day and makes me feel slim


I’ve been using EHPlabs for a while now and love it! Beyond BCAAs in Kiwi Strawberry is my favourite. Also I recommend flavours kiwi strawberry & guava paradise in the Oxyshed for those with a sweet tooth. Oxyshed is perfect for first thing in the morning but I wouldn’t recommend taking it as a pre workout as it didn’t sit well on the stomach for me.

Fast delivery, great product

Oxy shred

Love it


Definitely stronger than the original hydroxyburn shred and the oxyshred one too. Need to mix with a full/tall glass of water to avoid intense jitters. Defs recommend!


Have used this product on and off for a while now and am satisfied with the results

Acetyl L-Carnitine


Awesome 🤙🏾

Beyond BCAA + OxyWhey (FREE Gym Bag & Bottle)

I am sooo glad I snagged this deal up! Beyond BCAA in Kiwi Strawberry is so delicious & Vanilla Ice cream in the OxyWhey protein is the best flavour I've tried by far! The Ehplabs gym bag & water bottle has been handy too :D thanks mak!!