A MAK Honest Review of Super Whey

Supplement Type: Protein

MAX’s Super Whey is definitely one of our proteins of choice here at MAK. We love just how reliable and premium quality Super Whey is when it comes to top shelf protein. MAX’s Super Whey is the best 100% Whey Formula available with an advanced combination of three key ingredients: Hydrolysed Peptides, Protein Isolate, and Protein Concentrate all sourced directly from pure 100% whey. This combines to create an immediate and sustained release formula that builds lean muscle, maximises your recovery and improves your overall performance and health.

We truly believe Super Whey is suitable for absolutely everyone - the formulation is effective, its lean, and its made to help you both build muscle and promote better recovery. Which, is the main goal of anyone looking towards protein. MAX’s Super Whey is ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced level trainers who are striving to build lean and defined muscle. Each 30 gram serve of Super Whey contains 24 grams of muscle building and is low in fat and carbs. Recover faster after every hard workout and build more lean muscle by simply adding 2 serves of Super Whey to your daily diet.

Best of all, Super Whey doesn’t let down in the taste department either! Super Whey is a smooth protein powder, that mixes easily and is a perfect texture to drink too. With the three most classic flavours available too, we know you’ll never not like Super Whey.

Key Features

  • 100% pure whey protein formula.
  • Premium whey blend of three different types of protein: Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey Peptides
  • No added carbohydrates or sugars.
  • Awesome gains.
  • Ultra and Cold Filtered Whey
  • 39g + of Protein per 50g serve
  • Features added BCAA’s: Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine
  • Added Glutamine for further boosted recovery
  • Prolonged period of protein release from signature blend composition: creating better digestibility and sustained protein synthesis

Super Whey Ingredients

Hydrolysed Whey Peptides is pure whey protein that has been enzymatically broken down to small peptides and amino acids so it requires virtually no digestion and can be absorbed fast. It is ideal for taking immediately after training for rapid recovery.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is nature’s most bio-available muscle builder. It is manufactured using advanced “Cross Flow” Micro and Ultra Filtration to become extremely pure and easily absorbed. This type of purification is very gentle to the protein structure which helps retain its biological activity and muscle building properties. WPI contains an ideal ratio of amino acids for repairing and building human muscle and also contains high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids, including L-Leucine, which are key regulators of muscle growth and recovery.

Whey Protein Concentrate is one of nature’s best muscle builders and health boosters and is a perfect choice for building muscle and keeping you healthy and active when you are training at your hardest. WPC is slower digesting so provides nutrients to your muscles for longer to keep you growing all day.

Available Flavours

Super Whey is available in 3 incredible flavours!

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Banana


We recommend a serving size of 1 heaped scoop (30g). To mix, combine with 250ml of water (cold tastes best!), and use a shaker or blender to mix. Depending on your dietary protein goals, several servings may be taken throughout the day (up to 4). This product can be used at a variety of times - either directly post workout to aid muscle recovery, throughout the day as a convenient meal or snack, or mixed into smoothies or baked goods (such as pancakes) to increase protein intake.


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