A MAK Honest Review of Total War RTD

Supplement Type: Pre Workout

A complete war machine in the pre-workout race for domination, Total War by RedCon1 is declaring its position at the top of the industry with a flavour range just as insane as its ingredient panel.

And best yet, the Pre Workout we love SO MUCH, now comes in RTD versions too! Total War RTD make sure you can get your fuel in for a session that allows you to absolutely demolish every set and rep, in the most convenient way possible. Whether you train before work or school, middle of the day, or later in the evening Total War RTD is mixed, bottled and ready for you. Simultaneously, Total War RTD has a formulation with the ability to come through every time out. The powerful combination of stimulants and focus factors along with N.O. compounds makes Total War RTD an all-in-one pre workout supplement.

The RedCon1 Total War RTD's follow almost exactly the same formulation as its big brother - the Total War Tubs. Every ingredient you loved before - Citrilline Malate for extreme pumps and Agmatine Sulfate to only amplify those effects, Beta Alanine for fatigue buffering and endurance like never before, Taurine for mental drive and focus, and a synergestic blend of stimulants for nothing but the most powerful energy you've ever felt from a pre-workout product - are all packed into the little RTD bottles of Total War. Best yet, you still get the potent, efficacious clinical dosages of every ingredient too!

Key Features

Using Total War RTD you can expect:

  • Energy & Strength beyond anything you’ve felt before
  • Intensity to smash through heavier reps, tougher sets, and longer sessions
  • Mental Focus and Tunnel Vision to make sure your mind is focussed on nothing but performing at your very best
  • Huge Pumps and Vascularity to create a fuller, ready-to-work body, and facilitate increased nutrient delivery and disposal to the working muscles
  • Increases Motivation to go hard!

Total War RTD Ingredients

Total War RTD is 100% transparently labeled so you can see exactly what's inside every single bottle of Total War RTD.

The formulation of Total War RTD kicks off with a massive 6000mg citrulline malate. This is far and above what you would typically see in a pre-workout but a very effective dose. Citrulline has a number of benefits including increased muscular endurance and fantastic nitric oxide increases for great pumps.

You also get a full clinical dose of 3200mg beta-alanine per serve. This buffers the build up lactic acid so you can push yourself harder for longer in the gym.

Next, you'll find 1000mg each of Agmatine Sulfate and taurine. This promotes fantastic muscular endurance and crazy muscle pumps, especially when combined with the Citrulline.

Total War also features a comprehensive energy/focus blend of Caffeine, Eria Jarensis, AMPiberry™ and Theobroma. Providing amazingly clean energy and focus this will fuel you to handle the toughest workout conditions.

These ingredients also reduce the rate of perceived exertion so you can push it hard for longer and stimulate more muscle.

Available Flavours

Total War RTD is available in 6 incredible flavours!

  • Strawberry Mango
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Green Apple
  • Grape
  • Orange Crush
  • Sour Gummy Bear.


Total War RTD is a Pre Workout and therefore, we recommend that you should reserve use of these ones for training days.

We recommend a serve size of 1 Total War RTD bottle.

For some users, one half serving is preferred - often this dosage is determined by the desired level of caffeine and individual tolerance (125mg vs 250mg).

Consume 20-30minutes prior to exercise. If training in the afternoon, we advise not to consume after 4pm (to ensure ease of sleep).

Do not exceed 1 serving per day.


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