A MAK Honest Review of Gut Doctor

Supplement Type: Health

The last 3 years has seen the phrase ‘Gut Health’ become somewhat of a commercialised term. Probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, multiple natural herbs and remedies, sauerkraut, kombucha… It’s no wonder most individuals are overwhelmed. It seems we have the most quick fix gut solutions ever, yet those suffering with gut issues are still rapidly increasing.

Finally, we have Gut Doctor to take the confusion out of maintaining a happy tummy. 

Gut Doctor is an all in one wellness supplement created from healthy bacteria strains, reliable herbs, vitamins, and minerals to support you in achieving ultimate gut health. In simple terms, we’ve cut out all the BS and brought you something that actually works. Think of it as a daily multi vitamin for your gut.

Gut Doctor is a nourishing blend of probiotics, prebiotics, essential vitamins, brain boosting and wellbeing ingredients to help soothe and restore one of the most important parts of our amazing bodies, the gut. Overall, we have found some incredible results from Gut Doctor - enhancing a ton of factors of health and wellness, from a happy tummy right back to increased energy, less bloating, more confidence and easier digestion!

Key Features

  • Reduce bloating, gas, wind and unpleasant toilet trips
  • Relieve symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS
  • Reduce gut discomfort and inflammation
  • Optimise and maintain a healthy weight and body composition
  • Boost and strengthen the immune system
  • Improve digestion and overall gut health
  • Increase mental clarity and relieve brain fog
  • Improve overall health, wellbeing and natural energy
  • Ensure optimal nutrient, vitamin and mineral absorption

Gut Doctor Ingredients

  • Has pre and pro biotics to support a helpful bacteria and other organisms in the gut. It is not often you see these in a supplement together!
  • 10 Billion Powerful Probiotics clinically backed and renowned for their positive impact on the gut.
  • Echinacea – a herb well renowned to protect the immunity.
  • Ginseng – not only a herb that supports brain function and reduces stress. It also helps fight fatigue and strengthens the immune system to promote a strong gut!
  • B12 helps to reduce tiredness and anaemia. 
  • B6 helps convert food to energy.
  • Vitamin C – Reduces inflammation and promotes a healthy gut.
  • Vitamin D – promotes overall health and improves intestinal absorption.

Available Flavours

Gut Doctor is available in just the one flavour - Mixed Berry.

Unlike most Gut Health supplements we have found that this is actually a really enjoyable one to drink! Just another box Gut Doctor has ticked!


For General Wellbeing:

Take 1 sachet mixed in 400-500mls of chilled water within 30 minutes of your first meal, or add into your morning smoothie.

For those suffering from gut issues:

Take 1 sachet mixed in 400-500mls of chilled water within 30 minutes of your first and second meal (2 total).

Some answers to common questions about Gut Doctor:

Q: Is it a long term product or just a 'once off' type of thing?

A: Think of Gut Doctor as the same as you would a daily multi vitamin. Gut Doctor was created as a daily wellness and gut support sachet. It’s a lot easier to maintain a healthy gut than it is to revitalise an unhealthy one. A strong gut that has been given daily nourishment will be able to come back from upsets faster than an inflamed or weakened one. We ask a lot of this incredible part of our bodies so daily care and extra support is a no brainer.

Q: Will Gut Doctor start working right away?

A: You can expect to get maximum gut benefits after continued usage at the recommended dosage of 1-2 servings per day for 2-4 weeks, however the vitamins, herbs and wellness ingredients will get to work much sooner. Some people find drastic improvements within a few days.

Q: How long should I take Gut Doctor for?

A: As with all precious things, gut health is for life, not just for Christmas. Although we don’t expect everyone to take our products for life. We recommend continued usage whilst struggling to get on top of gut health or whilst wanting to maintain optimal gut function, performance and overall healthy wellbeing.


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