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Gut Performance (Hattie Boydle Supplement Brand)

More information about Gut Performance (Hattie Boydle Supplement Brand)

Gut Performance Supplements by Hattie Boydle trains your gut for better athletic performance.

Scientifically developed with a range of natural ingredients that promote gut health, it is a great dietary addition for anyone looking to improve performance, general health and wellbeing.


"I have had gut issues for as long as I can remember. I am fit, healthy and within a good weight range. My father is diabetic. My mother has heart disease and I am mindful of keeping healthy. I was on a freelance job when the client I was working with told me about Gut Performance and how it had helped her. I started taking it and after 3 days felt the best I had in years. I have no bloating. My gut feels settled and I actually feel that I am taking a step towards keeping myself well and away from the diseases that my parents have. Well that’s what I believe. I take Gut Performance daily."

Sharry (Age 27, Gut Issues)


"I have been taking Gut Performance for 8 weeks and am keen to give feedback. I am generally fit and healthy with current good levels of sugar and cholesterol, but as my mother has diabetes and my sister is border line I wanted to start a routine to keep my levels stable. I often suffer from constipation and have found taking Gut Performance has helped alleviate this, I now feel a complete emptiness when I have a bowel movement. And seem to have lost the bloated feeling that arose from time to time. My psoriasis has also eased, normally at it’s worst during the winter months it has settled right down – I believe there may be an anti-inflammatory formula involved that is assisting alleviate this. I continue to take Gut Performance every morning."

Donna R. (Age 54 | 54Kg, In Remission from Breast Cancer. Problems with bloating, psoriasis, irregular bowel movements, tiredness. Runs daily)