A MAK Honest Review of Clean Coffee TX100

Supplement Type: Green Tea & Coffee

Our MAK Crew LOVE coffee! And we love it even more when our cup of coffee give our body love too! Which is exactly what Clean Coffee TX100 is all about. Clean Coffee TX100 by BodyScience is a unique kind of coffee - the kind crafted from the best Colombian Single Origin Coffee which creates a taste of rich medium roast of beans with a natural hint of caramel sweetness and a nutty undertone, mixed with a blend of health-boosting ingredients too!

Clean Coffee TX100 boosts your antioxidants, detoxes your brain by lowering cortisol level, via Bluenesse ® a high quality, sustainable, natural food ingredient, which can improve cognitive performance.

Therefore, we think Clean Coffee TX100 is perfect for the coffee lovers, the high performers, the constantly busy and always-on-the-go who’ve got goals to chase. The formula of Clean Coffee TX100 is ideal to enhance fat burning, boost your energy and mood, combat cortisol and increase focus so you reach your health, fitness & performance goals quicker.

Key Features

  • Promotes Natural Energy:
    Get energised with a 120mg caffeine hit plus 500 mg of rapidly absorbed MCTs, known to help boost energy, fuel the brain and increase your metabolic rate.
  • Reduce Cortisol & Stress Levels:
    We’ve added revolutionary cortisol-lowering ingredient Bluenesse® to Clean Coffee TX100. It helps reduce stress induced cortisol levels and the body’s negative physiological response to the stressors we experience every day. Proven via human clinical studies for positive results within just 1hr, alleviating systematic stress and anxiety, and enhancing your ability to cope even under intense of complex circumstances.
  • Improve Your Cognitive Performance:
    Working or studying, Clean Coffee TX100 is your mental super fuel. Study results show Bluenesse® has significant beneficial effects for alertness, working memory, word recall, reduction of cortisol/stress and reduced anxiety, even when undertaking stressful complex tasks.
  • Improved Mood:
    In addition to the well-known mood-enhancing properties of coffee, Bluenesse® can also stimulate an almost immediate feeling of wellbeing.
  • Boost Metabolism:
    The thermogenic fat burning effects of caffeine and MCT oils aid to increase your metabolic rate while also helping increase satiety.
  • Diet Support:
    Ideal for the coffee lovers living keto or following a low carb diet, the brainy brew contains no added sugar (is only 13 calories) and is rich in MCT and researched organic herb Bluenesse ® leaving you feeling amazing & focussed when dieting or fasting.
  • Promotes Inner Wellness:
    “All health starts in the gut” so we’ve infused Clean Coffee TX100 with 400 mg of Apple cider vinegar powder, aimed at keeping your blood sugar levels stable and digestion well supported. It’s the most delicious way to get your daily ACV yet.
  • Mental & Physical Wellbeing:
    The modern-day lifestyle is exhausting. Improved energy levels, enhanced mood and reduced cortisol levels combine to help prevent you from that tired and burned out feeling you may have all the time.

Clean Coffee TX100 Ingredients

Columbia Coffee Powder

MCT Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar



Available Flavours

Clean Coffee TX100 is available in, you guessed it, coffee flavour! It’s so good you won’t need another option!


You can enjoy up to 2 sachets of Clean Coffee TX100 per day. Simply empty a single sachet into a cup with either 250ml of hot water or 300ml of cold water, stir and enjoy! Clean Coffee TX100 is best taken in the morning and at lunch time. From early morning workouts, through to board meetings, university lectures, all-nighters, afternoon slumps, job interviews, first dates and all that’s in between, Clean Coffee TX100 is your perfect side-kick.


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