A MAK Honest Review of Green Beret

Supplement Type: Vegan Protein

Whether you're a living plant-based, someone with lactose intolerance, or someone that just appreciates a mix-up between the types of protein you drink - you deserve to be looking forward to drinking your protein. RedCon1 Green Beret is pea protein alternative to the RedCon1 family.

Each serving of Green Beret contains 20g of high-quality protein. Every serve of Green Beret is a winner to us - easy to mix and works fast to boost recovery and improve muscle development, whilst certainly not lacking in the taste department either.

Key Features

  • Lean muscle gains

  • Vegan friendly 

  • No bloat

  • Delicious taste

  • 20 grams of protein per serve

  • Industry-leading consistency (so smooth you won't believe its plant based!)

  • Complete amino acid profile

  • Easy to digest

  • 4 unique flavour options!

Green Beret Ingredients

Plant Based Protein- the purest form of plant-based protein available. Green Beret boasts a unique plant-based protein blend of Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein and Quinoa Protein.

No artificial flavours, gluten free, no artificial dyes. 

Available Flavours

Green Beret is available in 5 incredible flavours!

Chocolate - A smooth dairy chocolate.

Strawberry - Soft pinch of sweetness, not overpowering.

Peanut Butter - Amazing peanut butter treat, not at all overpowering peanut taste.

Vanilla - Fresh smooth finish.

Cake Batter - Deliciously sweet, certainly capable of having you into thinking it's a cheat meal.

Suggested Use of Green Beret:

We recommend a serving size of 1 heaped scoop of Green Beret (31g). Depending on your dietary protein goals, several servings may be taken throughout the day (up to 4).

To mix, combine with 200ml of water (cold tastes best!), and use a shaker or blender to mix. This product can be used at a variety of times - either directly post workout to aid muscle recovery, throughout the day as a convenient meal or snack, or mixed into smoothies or baked goods (such as pancakes) to increase protein intake.


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