A MAK Honest Review of High Protein Pancakes

Supplement Type: Protein Bars

High Protein Pancakes from MAX’s are undeniably some of the best tasting protein pancakes we’ve tried yet. Gone are the times of mixing together egg whites and cottage cheese to create some rubbery, pretty awful tasting plates of pancakes. MAX’s High Protein Pancakes are putting a whole new spin on tasty, easy, nutritious snacks.

Best of all, MAX’s High Protein Pancakes are as fool-proof as they get too. They’re so easy to make we guarantee you could even impress your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day with these ones.

MAX’s High Protein Pancakes are a delicious muscle building meal in just a few minutes. Simple add water or milk, shake and cook – what could be easier! Each serve gives you over 40 grams of high quality muscle building protein and 40 grams of mass building carbs. The perfect breakfast or mass building snack at any time of day or night.

Key Features

  • Extremely high protein content per serve, at over 46g!
  • Boosts muscle gain and stimulates your body into an anabolic state
  • Added Carbohydrates for energy all day, and serious gains
  • Contains premium glutamine peptides, to boost protein synthesis and fast track muscle recovery
  • Perfect for mass building
  • Super convenient, easy to make recipe (just add water and shake in a protein shaker!)
  • Each packet makes 3 serves, meaning each meal is under $5! Try and beat that value, we dare you!
  • Creates absolutely amazing, sweet and fluffy pancakes

Available Flavours

High Protein Pancakes is available in just the one original, incredibly delicious flavour!

BUT, this means you can dress your serve of High Protein Pancakes up with all your favourite toppings! Go your heart out!

Suggested Use

Each packet of High Protein Pancakes creates 3 delicious servings. Each serving of 100g of powder makes approximately four high protein pancakes to stack onto your plate. To mix and make, add 100g of High Protein Pancakes mix (7 heaped dessert spoons) to 140ml water or 160ml of low fat milk to a shaker and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Allow to stand for 2 minutes. Pour into a lightly greased low heat pan and cook until golden brown. Flip over and cook until golden brown. 

Pull your fully golden pancake goodness off the pan and then top with all your favourites!


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