Supplement Type: Multi Vitamins

Animal Pak is one of the most unique and successful nutrient products - in the way that it was created by athletes, for athletes. It was formulated with the knowledge first and foremost that athletes require more - they need both a higher variety of nutrients and in a significantly higher dosage. This means, all the nutrients that are most easily and significantly depleted during training and an active lifestyle are the nutrients that Animal Pak puts emphasis on, and these nutrients are provided in dosages that can actually support the needs of athletes training and competing at a level that is higher than the average person.

But if you’re a little confused on just when to use Animal Pak, or how to take Animal Pak, don’t stress! MAK Crew have put together a simple guide on how to use Animal Pak to keep you covered.

Serving Size:

Generally, Animal Pak has a serving size of 1 Animal Pak sachet. Depending on your reason for use, you can take 1-2 Animal Pak sachets per day. For those competing or performing high-intensity training, we recommend taking 2 sachets. For those just looking to maintain general wellbeing, one is enough!

Recommended Intake:

We recommend using Animal Pak in conjunction with a meal, and find that usually breakfast (and then again at lunch if you’re taking 2 packs per day) is the most effective.

Additional Tips:

Animal Pak is not a meal replacement. While Animal Pak capsules are a great addition to your body to increase fat burn and build a healthier body, they are NOT designed to be taken in place of a meal.

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