Follow this guide on how and when to take Cluster Bomb so that you can push out more reps and get improve focus.

Cluster Bomb is a supplement formulated to enhance users’ result in their hardcore workout routine and strict dietary plan. Users may find unsatisfying results if they do not follow a dedicated workout routine or a dietary plan. Ideal healthy body comes from your blood sweat and tears, not from a supplement powder!

Highly Recommended

  1. Serving Size: 1 scoop (27.5 g)
  2. Mix 1 scoop with 700 ml of water
  3. Sip while you train
  4. Alternatively, it can be used after training
  5. For best results, add creatine for more muscle mass or for lean dry gains add Halo into your supplement program.

Extra Tips

  • You can add flavoured or unflavoured BCAA’s for extra recovery

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