GHOST® WHEY protein wanted to keep things simple combining a premium 100% whey protein blend with natural digestive enzymes and amazing, featured flavours. With is 25 grams of Protein from Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate and Hydrolysate and its full disclosure label GHOST® WHEY is fast becoming a popular choice.

Highly Recommended

    • Mix each scoop (serving) of GHOST® WHEY with 500-600ml of water or beverage of choice. Vary amount of liquid to taste.
  • Use occasions:
    • Breakfast
    • Post Workout
    • Throughout the Day
    • Before Bed

    Bonus Tips 

    1. Get a Bioscan completed. A simple 30 second test will tell you exactly what your body is composed of, with medical accuracy. It includes a full analysis of their Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, Body Water, BMI, Muscular development of each part of their body, and more.
    2. Count your calories. Sounds cliche, but it works. Counting calories alone doesn't make you lose weight, but provides invaluable information about your own body's current intake. It might be a little time consuming and tedious, but being educated and accurate about knowing your inputs and outputs is very important. When you factor in the calories burnt during the day/workouts, you can easily determine if you need to consume more or less calories.


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