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Macro Mike has, after a long wait for these cookies, finally come out with their very own range of ready-to-eat, ultra healthy, vegan-friendly cookies: The Clean Cookie. The MAK Crew weren’t one bit disappointed with this: it tastes, smells and satisfies just as much as we expected and knew it would. A cookie for our plant-based friends, a snack that isn’t (for once) pumped full of preservative junk, and a cookie that we can eat guilt-free!


But if you’re a little confused on just when to use The Clean Cookie, or how to take The Clean Cookie, don’t stress! MAK Crew have put together a simple guide on how to use The Clean Cookie to keep you covered.


Serving Size:

We recommend a serving size of 1 cookie.


Recommended Intake:

Here’s where the best part comes in - you can eat The Clean Cookie whenever! From days you can’t keep your sweet tooth under control, to moments you’re need a pre-workout snack on-the-go, to days where you’ve forgotten to meal-prep and need a quick meal replacement - this one is perfect.



Additional Tips:

As good as The Clean Cookie is, and as much as we know you’ll love it - we recommend that you don’t rely on The Clean Cookie as your sole source of nutritional intake. Ensure you combine The Clean Cookie within your diet in conjunction with a heathy and balanced intake of real foods.


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