Supplement Type: Pre Workout

MAX’s VAS-D PUMP'D is a powerful new Vasodilation / HyperHydration / Cognition formula designed to produce skin-bursting pumps, maximum energy and super motivation. You will lift more, lift longer, with razor focus, and build an awesome pump with veiny vascularity!

But if you’re a little confused on just when to use VASO-D PUMP'D, or how to take VASO-D PUMP'D, don’t stress! MAK Crew have put together a simple guide on how to use VASO-D PUMP'D to keep you covered.

Serving Size:

One serving of VASO-D PUMP'D is 3 capsules.

However, we recommend assessing your tolerance to VASO-D PUMP'D first - start with 1-2 capsules, and up your serving size of VASO-D PUMP'D from there if needed!

Recommended Intake:

VASO-D PUMP'D is a Pre Workout product, and we therefore recommend only taking VASO-D PUMP'D on training days. Consume VASO-D PUMP'D 30-60 minutes before training with water. Be cautious not consume on an empty stomach - taking VASO-D PUMP'D with your pre workout meal instead is ideal!

Additional Tips:

You can definitely consider stacking VASO-D PUMP'D with other Pre Workout products. VASO-D PUMP'D is a pump formula, and would be perfectly complimented by energy boosting pre workouts, fat burners, Amino acid supplements, and creatine-based products. Choose what you partner VASO-D PUMP'D with depending on your goals (for example, pairing with a fat burner only makes sense if you’re trying to get leaner), but we definitely recommend pairing VASO-D PUMP'D with some kind of energy booster and source of caffeine for the ultimate workout results!

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