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When it comes to picking a protein, you can’t get much better than Halo Whey. Whey by Halo is the smoothest, purest and most premium protein on the market at the moment. Whey by Halo is packed with the best nutrients to ensure your body gets all the essential nutrients you need for optimal health, recovery and muscle building, and a thermogenic formulation to perfectly compliment your diet, and the best flavours o ensure you fall in love with every sip.


The benefits of protein are well researched and abundant. For those looking to achieve a leaner body, with glutes and abs to die for, your body first of all requires an increased intake of the macronutrient protein. Protein intake also plays a critical role in ensuring optimal muscle recovery, so you can get more out of each workout and reach results faster, as well as aiding a healthy appetite and hunger control - with protein being a slow releasing source of energy for the body. 


But if you’re a little confused on just when to use Halo Whey, or how to take Halo Whey, don’t stress! MAK Crew have put together a simple guide on how to use Halo Whey to keep you covered.


Serving Size:


We recommend a serving size of 1 scoop of Whey by Halo (33g). Depending on your dietary protein goals, several servings of Whey by Halo  may be taken throughout the day (up to 4).


Recommended Intake:


To mix, combine 1 scoop of Whey by Halo  with 200-250ml of water or milk of choice (cold tastes best!), and use a shaker or blender to mix.


Whey by Halo is best taken directly post-workout to boost your body’s state of recovery and protein synthesis levels. However, it can be used at a variety of times - throughout the day as a convenient meal or snack, before bed as a high protein, sweet dessert treat, or mixed into smoothies or baked goods (such as pancakes) to increase protein intake.


However, although a meal replacement, we do not recommend you rely sole on Whey by Halo  in your dietary plan! The more real healthy food you ingest, the better it is for your overall result and health!


Additional Tips:


Be sure to try out the entire Whey by Halo ! Every flavour of Whey by Halo will create rainbows and magic in your mouth. We believe you really can’t pick your fav until you’ve tried them all!


If you’re on a diet, or chasing an additional edge to add to your training - be sure to have a look at Halo Heat! Heat is Australia’s hottest new Fat Burner: and is the perfect addition to your supplement routine alongside Whey by Halo to boost fat burn, enhance energy and mood levels, and give you the power to give every training session a little bit more.


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