A MAK-Honest Review of HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx

Supplement type: Sleep Aid

Lacking sleep? In need of a therapeutic restorative sleep formula?

HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx might just be the thing for you.

HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx contains innovative and clinically researched ingredients Recoverben® and Bluenesse®.

HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx is formulated to help athletes sleep better by inducing a feeling of calmness, whilst supporting muscle health, strength and aiding post-exercise recovery; traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve sleeplessness.

    Key Features

    • Calm the mind 
    • Soothe nerves
    • Support cognitive/mental function
    • Reduce and relieve symptoms of mild anxiety
    • Support muscle health and strength
    • Aid post-exercise recovery
    • Reduce free radical damage to body cells after exercise
    • Support healthy body stress recovery

    HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx Ingredients

    • Melissa Officinalis (Bluenesse) - Traditionally used in herbal medicine as a sleep aid. Often used in cases of restlessness or sleep disturbances due to mental stress. An antioxidant and helps increase calmness.
    • Lemon Verbena Extract (Recoverben) - Helps to reduce muscle damage and attenuate loss of muscle strength after exhaustive exercise. It may help to decrease the signs of muscular damage without blocking the cellular adaptation to exercise. It also helps to buffer strength loss after exercise.
    • Zizyphus - Used in natural Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is often used to support sleep quality and develop a healthy sleeping pattern by calming the mind and encouraging a refreshing, undisturbed sleep.
    • Kava - Used to help relieve stress and nervous tension, and to aid restful sleep.
    • Vitamin B6 - Supports nervous system health.
    • Chromium - Supports healthy insulin function and glucose metabolism.

    Suggested Use

    Take 2 tablets of HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx daily or as advised by your healthcare professional.


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