A MAK Honest Review of Jump!

Supplement Type: Fat Burner

A new powdered thermogenic powerhouse has been born, with 11 ingredients all perfectly dosed to get you shredded to the bone. Olympus Labs understands the blood and sweat that you pour into the battle to achieve the perfect physique. To that end, we are proud to present the latest innovation in thermogenic supplementation, JUMP!

Powered by the patented ingredients Vegan Instaminos™ and KSM-66®, as well as a Tri-stimulant Energy matrix which features both powerful new kids on the block Dynamine™ and Theacrine®! Which provides both long lasting energy as well as immediate effects.

JUMP! revolutionizes Fat Burning supplementation by potently reducing Body Fat through multiple clinically researched pathways, which promote thermogenesis and energy expenditure. The powdered formula offers all Heroes the opportunity to adjust doing to their individual needs, to ensure the ultimate balance of energy, mood and fat burning without becoming overstimulated.

As if that wasn’t enough, Olympus Labs have worked tirelessly to provide you the BEST TASTING Fat Burning Drink on the planet, with game changing flavours that won’t add any unnecessary calories to your day!

Jump! fat burner is all about installing yourself with what Olympus Lyfestyle like to call “EMF”. EMF = Energy, Mood, Focus. And that signifies what the formulation of Jump! Is all about too.

So, next time your friend is at a coffee shop tell them to ask for a shot of EMF in their coffee. Coffee is BASIC, Enable your friend to live the LYFESTYLE by taking a shot (scoop) of JUMP! instead.

Key Features

  • JUMP! features an innovative, flexible fully loaded powdered formula
  • Specifically designed to annihilate Body Fat
  • Includes effective stimulants to suppress appetite
  • Helps to increase energy expenditure
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves fatty acid mobilisation
  • Targets stubborn body fat
  • Full disclosure label

Jump!  Ingredients

2.5 grams of Vegan InstAminos™

Vegan InstAminos™ is a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s, meaning Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. BCAA’s stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis, while also limiting muscle breakdown, ultimately improving recovery. Higher rates of muscle protein synthesis translate into increased muscle growth and enhanced recovery! BCAA’s promote recovery following periods of intense or extended physical activity—in the game or in the gym. Vegan InstAminos™ includes only vegan fermented BCAAs unlike most inferior competitors who use animal and human byproducts in their BCAA products. In true Drip Fashion, Vegan InstAminos™ talks the talk and walks the walk.

1 gram of ALCAR

ALCAR assists with fatty acid metabolism and boosts mood and concentration. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a fundamental ingredient for any thermogenic based fat burner as it has the ability to positively affect both fat loss and mood.*

1 gram of L-Taurine

L-Taurine promotes focus and acts as a cell volumizer by drawing water into the muscles, resulting in an increase in nutrient absorption and pumps. Increased Focus and PUMPS? The benefits of Taurine are endless.

400mg of Rutin

Rutin may have a beneficial effect on muscle mitochondria and AMPK activation, leading to a reduction in body weight and adipose tissue mass.*

310mg of Tasteless TeaCrine®

40%TeaCrine® is a slow-acting relative of Dynamine™ that boosts energy and focus synergizing extremely well with the combination of caffeine and Dynamine™. Sustained energy levels are extremely important when dieting, as a caloric deficit will also eat into your natural energy levels. TeaCrine® is here to provide the solution.*

300mg of KSM-66® AshwagandhaKSM-66®

Ashwagandha helps to support healthy cortisol levels, allowing better stress control, improved mood, fat loss, and recovery.*
KSM-66® is no regular adaptogenic it’s a POWERFUL adaptogenic, which will leave you wanting to JUMP!*

300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous

Powerful central nervous system stimulant providing the rapid infusion of energy needed to bring it to the next level.*
Caffeine by itself is BASIC but compounded with the rest of this bad boy it’s truly the foundation of YOUR DRIP as it takes both your sports and cognitive performance to a whole new level.

200mg of Tasteless Dynamine™

40%Fast-acting relative of TeaCrine® that boosts energy and focus in the same manner as caffeine -- antagonism of adenosine receptors.*

Available Flavours

Jump!  is available in 3 incredible flavours!

  • Mango Bae (Mango Cooler)
  • Cloud Vixen (Sweet and Sour Candy)
  • Rare Goddess (Lemon, Cherry & Blue Raspberry Pop)


JUMP! has been designed to be optimally take fasted in the morning, before Breakfast and during the afternoon. This will ensure that fat burning, appetite suppression and energy levels are sustained throughout the entire day!

However, its not the ONLY time you can utilize JUMP!

Here are a few different Scenarios:

Pre-workout - When dieting, energy levels can dip which negatively affect workout performance, by utilising JUMP! before working out, you can boost energy levels, focus and increase drive to exercise. The anti-catabolic ingredient ensure that you will be burning fat not muscle!

Intensive Tasks - Some of us have crazy workday schedules and spend enormous amounts of time on various tasks. This is another great opportunity to consume JUMP!, as it will assist with maintaining energy levels and mental performance through promoting optimal focus and smooth long-lasting energy.

Coffee Replacement - Skip that calorie dense triple shot Mocha and all the calories that come along with it! Instead any hero can opt to consume a serving of delicious tasting JUMP!, which provides all the beneficial effects of coffee and then some – WITHOUT ANY OF THE CALORIES!!


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