A MAK-Honest Review of Pure Boost

Supplement type: Organic

Pure Boost by PRANA ON is a perfect pre-workout energy boost that prepares your body for rigorous training by increasing focus and strength before you even hit the gym. Once active, you’ll notice a marked improvement in stamina and endurance.

Pure Boost helps you achieve max performance.

PLUS: Pure Boost is derived from all plant-based materials making it Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly. It’s also dairy, gluten and sugar-free with no artificial sweeteners.

    Pure Boost Ingredients

    • Creatine Monohydrate - Is a key protein synthesiser which is highly beneficial to bodybuilders and athletes seeking muscle growth. It’s found in most foods but unfortunately burns off during cooking, making it necessary to get from dietary supplements.
    • Beta Alanine - An amino acid that buffers the lactic acid production which occurs in the muscle during extreme exercise. This allows you work harder and stay at the top of your game longer.
    • Green Coffee Bean - Naturally occurring caffeine helps keep you energized and alert which in turn enhances your ability to achieve and maintain peak performance.

    Superfoods and Nutrients

    • African Mango - A superfruit that promotes healthy digestion and helps control appetite. Studies show the African Mango is especially successful in targeting and reducing belly fat.
    • Rhodiola Rhodesia - A powerful fat burner, Rhodiola Rhodesia is credited for increasing energy, improving athletic performance and stimulating brain function (focus).
    • Yerba Mate – Damiana – Guarna - While it’s early days in this research, the combination of these three herbs is thought to promote weight loss. By itself, Damiana is an herb from Central and South America and is known to boost mental and physical stamina.

        Available Flavours

        • Guava
        • Dragonfruit


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