A MAK-Honest Review of R1 Glutamine

Supplement type: Glutamine

Looking for something that will help you recovery faster, so that you can hit the gym sooner & harder? R1 Glutamine by Rule One is the perfect choice for you!

Rule One’s R1 Glutamine not only helps with your recovery, it also enhances muscle cell volume and stimulates protein synthesis  – making this a must have product for any gym goer. R1 Glutamine comes unflavored which means you can mix it with or add it to anything such as your pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout shakes for more effective results!

See the difference, feel the recovery – pick up a container of R1 Glutamine by Rule One today!

      Key Features

      • 100% Pure L-Glutamine
      • Promotes Muscle Cell Volume
      • Stimulates Protein Synthesis
      • Speeds Recovery

        Suggested Use

        Mix 1 slightly rounded teaspoon with fruit juice, protein powder or your favourite beverage. May be stacked with your pre, intra or post workout drink.


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