A MAK-Honest Review of Whey Isolate

Supplement type: Protein

While there may be other companies that sell you a blend of cheap protein forms mixed in with expensive ones and hide under proprietary blends, Staunch’s Whey Isolate is no cheapo protein blend.

Whey Isolate by Staunch is 100% pure whey protein isolate yielding 24 g of protein per 100 calorie scoop.

Staunch Whey Isolate features 24 grams of protein, 100 Calories, 1 gram of Carbohydrates and 0 FAT! Staunch has gone the extra mile and added in digestive enzymes to help your body break down and utilize the protein to nourish and strengthen your muscles.

With 3 delicious and unique flavours, you can’t go wrong with this affordable and pure protein.

      What's in Whey Isolate?


      This form of Whey is the cleanest and purest form of whey protein and generally is 90% to 95% concentration of protein. Compared to Whey protein concentrate is between 30% to 80% protein. It is often recognized as the purest for of protein available. It also contains 0% of Lactose which often can lead to upset stomachs and gas. It also mixes very well and tastes very clean and easy to mix and drink.

      Our Whey Protein Isolate is made with low temperature cross-flow micro-filtration. This 100% chemical-free and natural process removes the larger less absorbable protein molecules and filters our the fat and lactose. Other forms of protein often contains fat and lactose. It works to maintain the structural integrity of protein while leaving the protein intact.

        Available Flavours

        • Hot Chokkie: If you love hot chocolate, this is your flavour. This chocolate flavoured protein is just as creamy as a hot chocolate, but tastes ready hot or cold.
        • Caramel Von Mocha: Calum's favorite protein flavour is one of the reasons why this flavoured was named after him. Caramel Von Mocha blends a sweet caramel flavours with a mocha finish. While it contains no coffee, you can taste the perfect blend of caramel and mocha.
        • Vanilla Ice Cream: You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. This creamy vanilla flavour is the perfect blend of sweet and creamy and the milky vanilla flavours challenges the taste buds.

        Suggested Use

        Mix up to 2 scoops with 180 - 360 ml of cold water once per day. Adjust the amount of liquid to achieve your desired consistency.


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