Constant variation of any routine

Training Tips 0.1

In this weeks discussion, we talk about variation, the lack of variation in most athletes routines and why it's important to stay ahead of plateau phases and outdated training routines.

When it comes to variation most people who train often forget the outcome of particular exercises when done hundreds of times in a row. We tend to be under the impression that "If it's hard, it has to be working".

This is not always the case - your bodies are set up in such a way that slight adaptations are made each and every workout, as a result, it can often be tricky to give your muscles and CNS enough stimulus to require growth.

Typically workout routines run a 40 - 70 minutes and list a bunch of exercise variations done in a sequence much like the routine you have been doing for the last 24 months.

The same routine done countless times in a row hold little reward in your bodies ability to grow. In our most successful workout routines, we saw around 16-18% better improvement when the participant focused on a variation of: load, repetition, duration and obviously a variation of compound lifting components. 

Some of the most interesting finds occurred on participants who focused on a particular training regime designed by myself with constant variation in mind. The program required 6 days of exercise with an off day/active rest option. 

Participants who completed this program when compared to those on a typical 12-week split program also done by myself varied as much as 27%. If your interested in checking out this program get in contact to see the results and a version for yourself.

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