MAK Fitness | Pimp My Lift

The fitness industry is certainly filled with some garbage. As a coach, manager of numerous high-end fitness facilities, and a successful IFBB BodyBuilding athlete herself, Hayley Whatman has faced and navigated through the masses of myths, the trial-and-errors, the numerous styles of training and dieting, and most certainly, the bullsh**. And now, she’s here to shed some light instead on the stuff that matters.


Get ready to learn how to lift properly. Get ready to learn how to enhance your performance and train to achieve achieve your goals from day one of stepping inside the gym. Get ready to listen to all the diet hacks you should ignore, and all the advice that is actually worth your while. Get ready to hear some real advice, from a real person, who’s got no intention other than to see the world get stronger, lift better, and feel better. Get ready, to truly PIMP YOUR LIFT.


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