MAK Fitness | Prep Brain

The road of approaching bodybuilding, or competing, or health and fitness and of reaching your best life comes with many untold truths. That is, many struggles, pressures and challenges that aren’t often discussed. And yet, they could well be the topics that the world needs to discuss the most. And so, here we are. The #PrepBrain podcast provides a sucker-punch guide to the mental struggles and pressures that may be holding you back from dieting success...


Led by one of the industries best and most experienced, Kyle Webber, as a mens and women’s physique coach, board member of Sports Nutrition Australia, IFBB Bodybuilding athlete himself, #Prepbrain brings the perspectives and stories of some of the industry’s best personalities and all portrays all the messages that need hearing. Expect to learn like never before, just how much your mindset matters, just how many struggles even the greatest face, and how exactly to navigate yourself through those challenges to reach your success.


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