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MAK 1.3L Water Jug

MAK Fitness

Vegan-Friendly Supplements

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Twin Pack: Pre Ultra

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More information about Vegan-Friendly Supplements

Vegans! The world of supplements for you has now come so far. While it was originally a very scarce range of plant based products - we now have an abundance of vegan options in absolutely every category? Best of all - the quality, science and taste of these products has also significantly improved! They’re now some of the yummiest products available! From Proteins to Pre-workouts to Fat Burners - we have vegan-friendly and 100% natural options for them all!

Supplementation is often more important for those living a vegan lifestyle than anyone. Obtaining a sufficient intake of protein to promote lean muscle, Amino acids to facilitate optimal recovery, essential nutrients from animal sources (such as Omega 3s, vitamins, iron etc.) is crucial to achieving your best performance and wellbeing - but these nutrients are often available exclusively in animal-based sources or are only available in minimal dosages through plant-based diets. Therefore, supplementation is often the best way to ensure your diet is still holistically healthy and provides all the essential nutrients you need!

Notable Vegan Supplements:


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